The Jewish Defence League (JDL) sent an open letter to former Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber, asking him to distance himself from anti-Semites.

In the past, Farber has testified before the Canadian courts as an expert witness in the field of hate crime.

The letter pointed out that Farber claimed a controversial imam is "not a hateful person" and his association with Islamists, while at the same time slamming JDL for working with "Nazi" and "neo-Nazi" groups. It also asked Farber not to associate himself with what they defined as "anti-Semites" and "Nazi-like activists."

In their letter, JDL wrote, "Mr. Farber, recently you have uttered serious allegations directly and indirectly aimed at the Jewish Defence League (JDL Canada). In a speech at York District School Board (YDSB) you said: 'There are gangs of Jews in the Jewish community known as JDL [Jewish Defence League] who actually join arms with Neo-Nazis.'

"'I am absolutely staggered that Jews would ever make common cause with Nazis," you said to the Canadian Jewish News. You also tweeted: 'Kudos to @TheCJN for publishing a young accomplished Canadian Muslim journalist @stevenzzhou in the paper. In a day when extremists in our community make common cause with Nazis over their shared Islamophobia, this is a refreshing gift @CIJAinfo @nccm'

"Mr. Farber, you repeatedly claim that JDL, or 'extremists in our community' join arms with 'Nazis' and 'Neo-Nazis' without providing any evidence. Why don't you identify by name these alleged 'Nazi' and 'Neo-Nazi' individuals and groups?

"Mr. Farber, your statements are false and defamatory. JDL Canada is calling upon you to retract your statements and publish a public apology with no delay. Moreover, information gathered by JDL Canada during recent years raises concern about your relationship with controversial Islamists. The Nazis adopted ideology of genocide that was translated into practice by systematically killing six million Jews, gays and others who opposed their vicious regime.

"Mr. Farber, you defended Ayman Elkasrawy, imam at Masjid Toronto after his anti Jewish sermons were exposed. 'I just do not believe that Ayman [Elkasrawy] is a hateful person,' you said to the Toronto Star..... You said that Ayman Elkasrawy is not a hateful person and that he did not fit the mould of antisemitism."

Elkasrawy was quoted by JDL as saying in a sermon: "Purify al-aqsa mosque from the filth of the Jews".

The letter also asked: "Mr. Farber, would you consider condoning genocide ('count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them') as a Nazi-like sentiment? Would you condemn these imams?"

"Leading imams in Canada ruled that gays and apostates should be executed under Islamic rule. Mr. Farber, would you consider condoning systematic execution of gays and apostates as a Nazi-like sentiment?"

The letter continued with additional proofs that Islam and Islamic law discriminate against minority groups and that "the political system of Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy."

"The concept of government party and the opposition is alien to Islam," the letter read. "All belong to one Ummah with only one goal and pursue the same aims and objects of Islamic guidelines!" It then asked, "Mr. Farber, would you consider the jihad to 'finish off' the infidels, including the Jews, as a Nazi-like sentiment?"

JDL's letter did not identify by name any antisemitic or Nazi-like individual or organization, however stated: "We will continue to work for the Jewish community and to expose those who pander to extremists, anti-Semites, pro Nazis and activists who espouse Nazi-like ideology. We ask you not to associate yourself with activists who espouse Nazi-like ideology and anti-Semites."