Rachel Azaria
Rachel Azaria spokesperson

Knesset Reforms Committee Chairwoman MK Rachel Azaria (Kulanu) slammed the Jewish Home party for pushing for the passage of the Overrule Clause.

At a conference of the Association of Insurance Agents in Eilat, Azaria referred to the controversy surrounding the Overrule Clause, which would allow the Knesset to re-legislate laws struck down by the Supreme Court under certain conditions.

"The Overrule Clause will dismantle the possibility of people receiving relief at the moment of truth, and will lead to division within the Jewish people. The biggest challenge facing us today is how we make all sectors of Israeli society work together," Azaria said.

According to Azaria, anyone who was moved by the speech given by Miriam Peretz at the Israel Prize award ceremony last week must oppose the Overrule Clause. Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Jewish Home party, had instructed that Peretz's speech be taught in Israeli schools this week.

"It will break the balance between the tribes in the State of Israel and empower a small group to impose its opinion on Israeli society," she said of the Overrule Clause.

"We will see damage to all those who until now have received their rights from the Supreme Court, such as immigrants from the Soviet Union who are not recognized as Jews, or haredi women seeking s divorce. Even if there is criticism of the Supreme Court, and I have my own criticisms, this is not the way," added MK Azaria.