Ashdod hotel where baby drowned in Jacuzzi
Ashdod hotel where baby drowned in Jacuzzi Flash90

A Beit Shemesh woman who claims that voices told her to hold her baby son under water in a hotel Jacuzzi will be charged with murder, prosecutors announced Monday.

During the Passover festival earlier this month, a one-month-old baby drowned in a Jacuzzi in a hotel room at the Miami Hotel in the coastal city of Ashdod.

Emergency first responders were dispatched to the scene, but were unable to resuscitate the child. Doctors at the Assuta Medical Center in Ashdod were forced to declare the child dead shortly after his arrival.

The child’s parents, both 28-year-old residents of Beit Shemesh, were arrested following the incident.

Police later released the child’s father, while the arrest of the mother was extended

Initially, the mother had claimed that her son slipped out of her arms while the two were bathing in the Jacuzzi.

Later, however, she recanted her claim, telling investigators that she had intentionally submerged the baby repeatedly, and held him underwater at the behest of a ‘divine’ voice which described the child as the “son of the Messiah”, promising her that he would emerge from the water as a man.

On Monday, prosecutors filed a preliminary indictment against the mother, announcing plans to charge her with murder for the intentional drowning of her son.

The preliminary indictment comes despite an opinion submitted by a district psychiatrist, who found the woman mentally unfit to stand trial.

In addition to the one-month-old son who died earlier this month, the suspect and her husband also have a seven-year-old daughter.

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