Avi Farhan and family wave Israeli flags
Avi Farhan and family wave Israeli flags photo used with permission of family

Police on Independence Day arrested three Jews during an Israeli-Arab "march of return" held near Atlit to protest Israel's Independence Day.During the march, the participants carried PLO flags.

Among those arrested was Lieutenant Colonel Avi Farhan, a Gush Katif deportee and a resident of Neve Yam who stood at the Atlit junction with his wife Laura and his daughter Ganit carrying Israeli flags.

"This was a preemptive detention in order to keep me out of the area," he told Arutz Sheva. "The police arrested an officer in the reserves who was waving an Israeli flag on Independence Day, in order to enable thousands of Arabs to hold a Nakba event in which the PLO flags were raised. The Zichron Yaacov police prevented me from quietly protesting this without provocation, only with the flag of Israel."

"The police are afraid of Israeli Arabs," said Farhan. "That is why the police arrested me. The police spokesman is lying and I will ask him for an apology. Am I insulting the Israeli flag? The person who disgraces the Israeli flag is the one who arrested Avi Farhan."

"I want to protest against the folly of those who made this march, from senior government officials to the head of the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council, who in the 70s enabled the holding in the State of Israel of an anti-Jewish march that is trying to sabotage Israel's status."

Farhan claimed, "They robbed me of my independence. I turn to the commissioner who knows what I am and who I am and demand to receive an apology."

The police refused to apologize and said: "Following the erroneous publication of an alleged arrest of a citizen for raising the Israeli flag, we have made it clear that this is a distortion of reality, an ugly slander of the police work, which works for public safety and security."

According to the police, "this is a citizen who asked the police to hold a protest and refused the licensing conditions that were placed, and while violating public order, walked at the center of a main road and interurban and not obeying the instructions of a police officer who ordered him to get off the road."

Avi Farhan said in response to the police announcement, "I am disturbed by the fact that the Israeli police are bothering to issue a message that is so far from the truth. "

"I was arrested when I walked on the margins of the margins and was arrested only because the procession of a father, mother and daughter carrying Israeli flags on the Independence Day of our country did not fit the narrative of the Israel Police and the Hof Hacarmel regional council that chose to host a "march of return". It is the police's conduct that has damaged the honor of the flag. The police's statement is defamatory and is defamatory. I will consider my steps, including a request to the Police Internal Investigations Department."