Rioters on Gaza border
Rioters on Gaza border Flash90

IDF planes on Friday morning distributed leaflets warning Gazans not to near the Gaza-Israel border, attempt to harm it, or attempt to carry out terror attacks.

The leaflets said: "To the residents of Gaza: You participate in violent disturbances of order. Hamas is using you to carry out terror activities.

During previous weeks' "March of Return" violent riots, civilians were used as a cover for terror activities aimed at harming Israel's security infrastructure and IDF forces. The IDF is prepared for every possible development. Refrain from nearing the border or harming it. Refrain from using weapons or carrying out violent activities against Israeli security forces and citizens."

"Keep away from those involved in terror and from those who encourage violent disturbance of order. The IDF will take action if there is any attempt to harm obstacles or their contents, or any other IDF equipment.

"Hamas is using you to advance the interests of their own movement. Do not listen to Hamas' orders, which endanger your lives. Things can be different. Your future is in your hands. Signed, the IDF headquarters."

In a statement, the IDF said that it would not allow any harm to the border fence or security infrastructure protecting Israeli citizens, promising to take action against anyone who attempted to harm Israel's security.

The leaflet
The leaflet IDF spokesperson
The leaflet
The leaflet IDF spokesperson

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