File: hareidi man reading Yated Ne'eman
File: hareidi man reading Yated Ne'eman Flash90

A major haredi newspaper came out in opposition to Israel's 70th Independence Day celebrations, saying that the founders of the early state rebelled against God by not recognizing the divine providence that played a role in Israel's founding

In an unsigned editorial, the Yated Ne'eman newspaper recounted what it says was the miracle of Israel surviving the massive Arab invasion during the 1948 War of Independence. "The leaders of the state should have come to the unavoidable realization that there was a 'leader in the capital' that enabled the weak and few to overcome the strong and many," wrote the editorial.

"However, they preferred to base their state on their ridiculous power and their belief in their right to the land on the results (of the UN vote) in Lake Sucess. This is something to cry about," continued the Yated. "For so many things happened that they should have thanked the creator...but this thanks never even crossed the minds of the secular leaders of pre-State Israel."

"Their entire intention was to create a state that did not go according to the Torah laws and were not based on the 'Shulchan Aruch' and where Shabbat was not honored in its streets, and where Torah learning was not a higher value.Instead of sanctifying God's name, they desecrated his name terribly and repaid the miraculous success with denying their creator."

Israel's haredi community has historically reputed Zionism, contending that they could not support Israel's secular nature. However, experts say that significant percentages of haredim have been dropping their opposition to the Jewish state in recent years.

According to a recent "Zionist Index" survey of Israeli citizens, 45% of haredim define themselves as Zionists, a surprising figure that indicates the increasing involvement of the haredi community in Israeli society.

However, a separate poll earlier this week by the Israeli Democracy Institute found that only 17% of haredim celebrate Independence Day, with 36% defining it as a day of mourning.

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