Susan Rice
Susan Rice Reuters

Susan Rice, who served as National Security Advisor to the Obama Administration, argues that an American abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal could be disastrous.

"The nuclear agreement works. It distanced Iran from nuclear weapons and gives us the ability to verify and monitor Iran's obligations. If we destroy the agreement, and that is the meaning of American abandonment, it will first of all create a crisis of trust between us and our European partners," Rice said at the J Street decade conference.

According to her, this is not the only problem: "It may also lead Iran to say that because they honored the agreement and the United States didn't, it will not continue to be committed to it, and Iran will be able to progress in producing nuclear weapons without sanctions from European countries that are unlikely to return to sanctions.

"Abandoning the nuclear agreement on the eve of the expected meeting between President Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il, in preparation for an agreement on the North Korean nuclear program, will send a message that the United States cannot be relied upon, which signs an agreement but also can withdraw from it."