Saharonim facility
Saharonim facilityFlash 90

207 infiltrators held at the Saharonim facility within the framework of the deportation plan to a third state will be released during the day following a Supreme Court decision last week.

"In view of the fact that contacts with the (second) third state are still ongoing, in accordance with the decision of April 10, 2018, those detained at Saharonim, who are there on the basis of the deportation plan to a third country, will be released during the day,” the Population Authority said in an announcement.

The Interior Ministry emphasized that the decision to release the infiltrators was made following the instruction of the attorney general.

Last Tuesday, judges gave the state five days to reach an agreement approved by the attorney general on forced deportation.

In light of the fact that the agreement has not been finalized and approved so far, the state is forced to release today all the infiltrators held in the Saharonim facility in the Negev.

Last week, representatives of the State expressed optimism during a Supreme Court hearing regarding the successful conclusion of contacts with the second third country (Uganda) within a few days.