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Five days after the apparent chemical attack on the town of Douma in the Ghouta region near Damascus, Middle East expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar is still trying to figure out what could have caused Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to order such an attack, just when he was about to defeat the rebel resistance in Douma without the use of gas.

He is certain of one thing, however: The "false flag" theories being offered by various right wing media figures have no possible basis in reality.

According to the theories being put forth, or at least hinted at, by Fox News's Tucker Carlson, video philosopher Stefan Molyneux, and InfoWars' Paul Joseph Watson, among others – the Syria rebels in Ghouta themselves carried out the attack on their own loyal population, in order to cause US President Donald Trump to cancel his planned pullout from Syria.

"There is no such thing," Kedar stated flatly. "It doesn't exist; There is no such option. You simply do not do things like that. It is completely opposed to the Middle Eastern culture, to kill the very people you want to save in this way."

"It is true that in the Middle East, it is possible – for instance – to hold the population of Gaza hostage and send children as human shields into a minefield, as Hamas did on the border with Israel," he explained. "But to take chemical weapons and kill hundreds of children from your own side, is way beyond even the satanic practices of the Middle east".

Iranian experiment?

We asked Dr. Kedar what, then, could have motivated Syria to carry a move that caused Trump to reverse the declaration he had made the previous week, about his intention to pull US forces out of Syria.

"That is the precise question that has been troubling me," said Kedar. "The question immediately presented itself: Why do this if Ghouta was about to fall into Assad's hands anyway?"

Dr. Mordechai Kedar
Dr. Mordechai Kedar Eliran Aharon

Kedar has a surprising theory: "I think that we are probably dealing with a new kind of gas, or some new development of chemical weaponry that was carried out in Iran, and the Iranians simply wanted to test it on humans, and they brought it over and gave it to Assad to use. They did it now, because they figured that in two weeks' time there will no longer be a reason to do it, because Ghouta will have been captured – and for that reason, Assad was probably coerced into doing this by the Iranians."

The expert immediately clarified that he is not basing his theory on information from sources. "The hypothesis that this is a new Iranian weapon is my own wild conjecture," he said. "But I think it could be part of what is happening, since the Iranians are currently engaged in an ethnic cleansing of Syria."

According to a report on NBC, the US is in possession of blood and urine samples from Ghouta victims that indicate they were affected by chlorine gas and an "unidentified" nerve agent.