SilwanYoni Kempinski

Two Jewish brothers filed a NIS 800,000 ($227,896) claim against an Arab who they say attacked them when they were going to swim in the Shiloach Pool in Jerusalem.

The incident occurred on the Sabbath, when the brothers were on their way to the pool by the City of David. The Arab was sitting with a companion when they passed by, when he suddenly got up and punched one of the brothers in the head. The two brothers fled and hid behind a vehicle that was parked in the area before proceeding to the pool.

The brothers returned the same way they came, hoping that the danger had passed. However, they encountered the Arab again. This time, he and his companion blocked their way. The two of them froze in fear, and the Arab proceeded to take their sidelocks and tied them together as the defendant's friend filmed the abuse on his mobile phone.

The attacker then forced his victims to recite phrases against the State of Israel and praising the Hamas terrorist organization. He and his companion proceeded to drag them across the street, where he struck one of the brothers on the chest and forced them to recite the text converts to Islam recite. They then bent the brothers' heads and forced them to kiss their hands and at that moment kicked their feet. Eventually, the two brothers managed to escape.

The two then filed a complaint with the Israeli police and identified their attackers. However, the police did not file an indictment against the defendant because there was no photo line-up, as is required to obtain a conviction. The brothers therefore decided to sue the Arab i civil court.

The civil claim states that the brothers suffered physical, emotional, and religious harm - and the plaintiffs claimed compensation for the incident.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, who represents the brothers, said: "The Honenu organization is working to bring to justice anyone who harms a Jew just because he is a Jew. We believe that beyond the actions the State takes, there is a power for victims of crime and civil organizations to contribute to this in order to increase the alertness against the terrorists and to ensure that those who have already been injured are properly compensated for the damage - from the pockets of those terrorists. There must not be a situation where Jews are abused and they leave without any law. "