No comparisons
No comparisonsFlash 90

Tonight, Wednesday, at eight o'clock, Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day events will open, and for 24 hours the Jewish people will unite with the memory of the six million, and the tragedy of the greatest massacre in history will be seen from every screen and through every radio program and in every ceremony.

During these 24 hours, candles will be lit in memory of the murdered and their stories will be read in tears throughout the country. Faded black and white photographs, and fast-paced videos will show us evil in all its ugliness and cruelty. We will see the torture, the humiliation, the persecutions, the fires, the murders, the mass graves, the death marches, the ghettos and the death camps. We will see and cry.

In the face of these scenes, it is fitting that all those who in the past year have made ridiculous comparisons between the fate of the Jews of Europe in the 1940s and the fate of the infiltrators from Africa, between Anne Frank and migrant workers, all those who in the name of the Holocaust dressed the government of Israel in Nazi uniform and described the struggle for migrant workers almost like that of the Warsaw Ghetto rebels, all these should take these 24 hours, and internalize what really happened there in Auschwitz, Birkenau and Sobibor. After they begin to try and understand the significance of those events, they should once again reflect on the significance of the comparisons they made over a whole year (even if, towards that purpose, they recruited Holocaust survivors to say similar things).

We will tell them simply, friends, that what you did was the simple definition of Holocaust denial. If you seek to hide migrant workers in your homes and compare your actions to those who hid Anne Frank and her family, then you either did not understand anything, or do you really think that what the Nazis proposed to the Jews was a dignified transition (with a few hundred or thousands of dollars in their pockets) to another country and not to death and destruction in crematoria and killing valleys, and those who think so are infected with Holocaust denial or lack of thought. Choose.

We want to argue about the moral character of the state, about a state of all its citizens, the plight of the Eritreans, the distress of the south Tel Avivians. No problem. Talk, argue, but leave the memory of the Holocaust outside.