Kfir awards ceremony
Kfir awards ceremonyIDF Spokesman

Kfir Brigade Commander Colonel Tzion Ratzon awarded medals to 47 soldiers and commanders from the brigade's different battalions, the Kfir training base, and from the brigade command.

The festive ceremony was held at Ma'aleh Adumim's Mann Auditorium, during the height of operational activity in Judea and Samaria.

"In fact, you prove that even over the years the values of devotion, love of nation and the land, belief in rightness of the path, brotherhood, and sacrifice are valid among the youth.

"To excel is a hard way, a way where you're demanded to stand out; you do more than expected, you give of yourself and don't expect anything in return," the Colonel added.

Forty-seven of the brigade's graduates were selected for the expertise, determination, and pride characterizing their service. Among the outstanding students was Lieutenant-Colonel Lia Hazan, who served as brigade commander in the 90th Battalion and during her service conducted several security incidents from the war room; Staff Sergeant Nebi Shmurduk, a Christian Arab who was not obligated to enlist by law; Staff Sergeant Yarin Trevenik, fighter from the 94th Battalion, and many others.

Lieutenant Tamir Cohen spoke on behalf of all the outstanding soldiers and declared he is proud to be part of the amazing group of people he met, and proud to be part of this unique quality group.