Smotrich, Amsalem
Smotrich, AmsalemFlash 90

Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) is not convinced how serious Prime Minister Netanyahu is in his intention to pass in Knesset the Overrule Clause that will allow the Knesset to re-enact laws rejected by the Supreme Court.

"Netanyahu's test if he really wants to pass the Overrule Clause or just use it as an excuse to advance elections will be whether today at the end of the party leaders' meeting he instructs passage of the Overrule Clause in ministerial committee this week," Smotrich said.

He said that if Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon filed an appeal against the bill, Netanyahu would have to immediately convene the government, bring down the appeal and proceed to a vote in the Knesset plenum, "in a manner that would put Kahlon in the corner and then crush him publicly with the rest of the coalition parties until he had to agree".

MK Smotrich makes clear that if Netanyahu does not fight to advance the clause, "the failure to deport the infiltrators will be on his head.

"If he adjourns the party leaders' meeting with a rationalization and says as long as there are no prior agreements he won't start to legislate in practice, it shows that it was all a poor excuse for elections," Smotrich said.

Earlier today, coalition chairman MK David Amsalem (Likud) explained why the bill should be enacted. "In the end, for the past two decades, the Supreme Court has been changing laws very significantly, and therefore, we have to stop this.

"Everyone has to do his job, the Supreme Court changes Knesset legislation - this isn't a proper thing. We need to enact a law that is broader, not only for the infiltrators," Amsalem said.