Praying at the site
Praying at the siteJoseph's Tomb administrators

Over 5,000 Jews from all over Israel prayed Tuesday evening at the gravesite of Joshua, located in the Palestinian Authority town of Kifl Haris.

The group was secured by the IDF's Efraim Brigade, and for the first time, Jews were allowed to arrive at the site during the early evening hours.

Visiting the site, Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said, "The Nation of Israel remembers its leaders, even thousands of years later. That is something very moving, which proves the strength of the eternal people."

"We will continue coming here, to the grave of Joshua the son of Nun, with our children. We will strengthen our presence here and at all the holy places in Samaria."

Thanking the Efraim Brigade, the security forces, and the site administrators, Dagan said, "We must continue working in order to allow all of Israel to pray at holy sites, both here and everywhere around the world."

Nun, a bar mitzvah boy from Rehovot, came to the site with his father Alrom.

"We called him Nun, after the father of Joshua," Alrom said. "We are happy and moved to celebrate his bar mitzvah in this special place."

"Tonight's visit was secured by the Brigade, the Shimshon Battalion, Border Police officers, and Israel Police," Efraim Brigade Colonel Idan Katz told those assembled. "It's important to note that secured visits only occur once every few months, and entering the site without coordinating with the IDF is forbidden. The IDF will continue to work to ensure residents' security."