Court decision detached from reality
Court decision detached from realityiStock

The Regional Labor Court ordered the State to include 10 haredi women in a training course for haredi men.

Channel 2 reported tonight that the program was set up with the goal of integrating haredim who will eventually work in the civil service, but with separate training. There is currently a course for men and in a few months will be a course for women.

A senior government source said of the court's decision, "This is a decision detached from reality and lacking in understanding; no haredim will come to a mixed course."

MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) today referred to the Labor Court ruling, calling it "abusive".

"When it comes to haredi human rights, everything turns upside down," Eichler said in an interview with Radio Kol Chai. "Suddenly there are no rights; this entire concept of human rights exists only to legitimize the degenerate culture. One day the haredi stations will also be silenced by one claim or another, such as the absence of women's poetry.

"It's not at all clear whether the enactment of the disengagement clause will hinder the Supreme Court," he said. "Even if we pass the clause on the Supreme Court, it'll find another formula to annul the law. There are enough words in the Hebrew language," he said.