Israel Supreme Court justices
Israel Supreme Court justicesPhoto: Flash 90

The Supreme Court approved the performance of an autopsy on the body of a one-month-old infant who drowned in a jacuzzi at a hotel in Ashdod this week, despite the objections of the baby's family.

The judges rejected the family's petition but ordered the operation to be performed gradually and in the presence of a family physician.

The judges emphasized that they are paying attention to the arguments made by defense attorneys Itamar Ben-Gvir and Moshe Elmaliah regarding the preservation of the dignity of the deceased, but in this case, they believe, there is no choice but to order an autopsy.

Attorney Ben-Gvir, who represented the family, said: "We regret the Supreme Court's decision, which harmed not only the family and the public, but first of all the body of a month old baby."

"I think that the staff of the Institute of Forensic Medicine is feckless, and that they conduct operations for the dead even where there is no need for it," Ben-Gvir added.

Haredi protesters demonstrate in several locations in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh Wednesday afternoon against the planned autopsy, which is prohibited under halakha under most circumstances.

The baby's parents were arrested by the police. A gag order has been placed on further details of the case.