Tipping back the scales
Tipping back the scalesiStock

The Prime Minister is expected to demand coalition partners support a law to bypass the Supreme Court to open the Hulot detention facility and to imprison infiltrators there, while adding a clause to overrule Supreme Court rulings, Channel 2 news reported today.

Most of the pressure was supposed to be directed at Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who until now has opposed any legislation bypassing Supreme Court rulings and allowing the government to overrule them.

Hulot detention center for African asylum seekers, southern Israel.
Hulot detention center for African asylum seekers, southern Israel.Flash 90

However, Kahlon has already made it clear that he will be willing to accept any legislative initiative to solve the infiltrator problem, even if it includes a Supreme Court bypass ruling. "Everything that needs to be done will be done," said sources close to him.

Earlier, Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett announced that he supports the initiative and called on the Prime Minister to promote such legislation as soon as possible.

"As we've said many times, we support re-enactment of the Infiltration Prevention Law with the overrule clause to prevent the Supreme Court from revoking it. This will create an incentive for the infiltrators to leave Israel," said Bennett.

"We're backing the Prime Minister in full support of advancing the overrule clause and we look forward to the speedy completion of the legislation," he said.