Scene of Ariel attack (archive image)
Scene of Ariel attack (archive image) Hillel Meir/TPS

An Arab driver who rammed a stolen vehicle into a bus stop Tuesday morning was not a terrorist, police said, saying that the incident appears to be criminal in nature and not nationalistically motivated.

The incident occurred near Giti Junction on Highway 5, just west of Ariel in Samaria.

Police say the driver had stolen the vehicle, then collided with the bus stop while attempting to escape. After the crash, the thief exited the vehicle and was shot by Israeli security forces during what was initially believed to be a terror attack.

The suspect was evacuated for medical treatment, but died shortly thereafter.

“He was evacuated for medical treatment, but later succumbed to his wounds,” an IDF spokesman said.

“The nature of the incident is currently being investigated,” the spokesman said.

Investigators later clarified that the incident is being treated as a criminal matter, and noted that the driver was not carrying any weapons on his person at the time of the crash.

No injuries or fatalities were reported other than the suspect.

Soldiers from the Kfir Brigade stationed near the scene of the shooting are being investigated for their decision to open fire.