Arutz Sheva spoke with philanthropist Elio Moti Sonnenfeld about the revolutionary "Danielle Prize," "Healing with the Heart," awarded to doctors who treat their patients with exemplary kindness and compassion.

While the doctors nominated for the 2015-2016 award were all pediatric oncologists and in 2017 were doctors from the field of adult oncology the Danielle Foundation is currently seeking exemplary family doctors and general physicians.

"The Danielle Prize, which we call in English 'Healing with the Heart' is specifically to get the attention to the very very important requirement that the doctor should really transmit his partnership not only in the knowledge of the science of medicine, but in the knowledge of the soul of his patient, to communicate himself, at the moment normally that the patient is in a problem, has a problem, facing a health problem. He should feel that the doctor is with him in solving these problems," Sonnenfeld said.

"Thank G-d we do have many good and women, doctors in Israel.... There is a very considerable number of people who want to vote for their own doctors just because of their outstanding humanity in medicine. And it's very easy...look for "harofe hamasur shel hamedina" (in Hebrew), you will see three questions regarding the humanity of the doctor, you put in your name, you put in your doctor's name, and you vote."

Sonnenfeld also noted that "number will be an important factor" but it's "not the only one."

"Healing from the Heart" was founded in memory of Sonnenfeld's daughter, Danielle, who was killed in a traffic accident and who volunteered in Schneider Hospital's pediatric oncology ward.

"Danielle was all about giving, all about helping, all about trying to soften a little bit the pain of children and adults, and I think that this is very much in line with what she would have liked to do if she were here," he concluded.