Koby Meidan
Koby Meidan Flash 90

Popular Army Radio (Galei Tzahal) pundit Koby Meidan has come under fire for writing on Facebook that he is "embarrassed to be Israeli" after the IDF killed 17 Gazans, including 10 Hamas gunmen, during Friday's violent riot next to the Gaza-Israel border fence.

Meidan's words caused an outcry, with many journalists wondering why a pundit who expressed anti-IDF sentiments should work for an IDF radio station.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman called Meidan's words "shameful" and suggested that the broadcaster be fired over his remarks. "I am ashamed that we have a broadcaster like that on a military station. I hope the station commander will respond clearly and do what is needed," Liberman told 103FM.

"If he is ashamed, he should draw the appropriate conclusions and leave the station."

Channel 20 political correspondent Shimon Riklin criticised Army Radio for failing to remove Meidan, pointing out that right-wing hosts had been suspended in the past for making similar remarks. "When Irit Linur gets suspended and not Koby Meidan...how much are Israeli journalists getting paid for being a Hamas spokesperson?" he tweeted.

Irit Linur is a right-wing Army Radio host who was suspended earlier this year for saying that President Reuven Rivlin was "disrespectful" for his apparent support for the weekly anti-corruption rallies across Israel, which often target the right-wing.

Meidan hosts the popular show "Across Israel" and is an award-winning poet.

Army Radio, functioning since its inception as a military unit headed by a commander, has long been criticized for failing to be objective and skewing towards the left side of the political map. The allegations returned after right-wing host Eral Segal was pressured to decamp from Army Radio to 103FM earlier this month despite enjoying the station's highest ratings.