Be'er Sheva
Be'er Sheva Flash 90

Israel Police on Thursday afternoon raised the alert level in the southern city of Be'er Sheva, and sent reinforcements to the area due to concern that a terrorist was en route to the city.

Israel Police asked the public to be alert, and to report anything suspicious to the police hotline (100).

Earlier on Thursday, IDF soldiers arrested two armed suspects who crossed the border fence from southern Gaza into Israeli territory.

On Wednesday, IDF soldiers arrested an unarmed Arab man from Gaza who infiltrated Israeli territory. He was arrested at the Zikim Beach north of Gaza and transferred for interrogation.

On Tuesday, IDF troops apprehended three armed Arab terrorists near the Tze’elim army base in southern Israel. The terrorists, Gazans who infiltrated into Israel, arrived at Tze'elim after walking for miles from Gaza. They were found to be carrying knives and grenades, and admitted during interrogation that they had intended to attack soldiers.

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