General Yoav Mordechai
General Yoav Mordechai Haim Tzach/GPO

IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Major General Yoav Mordechai, warned that the IDF would respond harshly to provocations at the Gaza border during the marches on the border fence planned for this Friday by Hamas.

"I want to say about the demonstrations, which I call` demonstrations of anarchy, rather than land Day demonstrations, that we will take harsh and tough measures against any attempt by demonstrators to reach the security fence or try to break into Israeli territory," Maj. Gen. Mordechai said in an interview with the Al-Hura TV channel Wednesday evening.

"The Israeli response will be strong, not just against the demonstrators," he warned.

When asked whether punitive measures would be taken against senior officials in Gaza, Major General Mordechai said, "We intend to do everything to prevent violent demonstrations and terror demonstrations."

"In recent hours, we have contacted more than 20 bus company executives whom Hamas paid to encourage people who do not want to leave their houses to take part in these violent demonstrations. We warned them that anyone who uses buses to get to the violent demonstrations will see personal steps taken against him and against the company he owns.

The general also addressed his recent participation in meetings with representatives of countries which provide financial aid to the Gaza Strip. "The conferences I attended in Cairo, Brussels and the most important in the White House are important conferences because Hamas has failed. In failed in the economy, it failed to run Gaza, in failed with the reconciliation agreement, and it failed in its terrorist military project, when it invested all its millions underground in the tunnels."

He drew a direct line between Iran and the terrorist organization. "We have information that Hamas, after seeing that all its options were closed, is trying to open a direct line with Tehran, with the Al Quds force, with the Iranians, in order to smuggle money and aid that unfortunately comes into the Gaza Strip."