Sheikh Raed Salah
Sheikh Raed SalahFlash 90

The Haifa Magistrate's Court on Wednesday ordered the release of Sheikh Raed Salah to house arrest in the northern Arab town of Kafr Qana.

Salah, leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, will be released under restrictive conditions, entailing electronic surveillance of the house arrest and financial guarantees.

The State Prosecutor's Office requested a 48-hour postponement of the release so that it could decide whether or not to file an appeal.

The court also ruled that Salah would be required to deposit 10,000 shekels and a personal guarantee of 5,000 shekels. He will not be allowed to be interviewed by the media and will be monitored closely by the defense establishment.

As leader of the northern branch of the outlawed Islamic Movement, Salah was accused of inciting to terrorism and supporting an illegal organization. He was arrested seven months ago after the terror attack on the Temple Mount in whiich three Druze Israeli policemen were shot dead and the funerals of the terrorist perpetrators held in Umm al-Fahm. He praised the attack and called for a war on the Temple Mount.