Ambassador's seder
Ambassador's sederShahar Azran)

Israel's Ambassador Danny Danon hosted ambassadors and senior diplomats from over sixty countries for a "model Seder" in the United Nations. The participants partook in the rituals of the Passover holiday, including reading from the Hagaddah and tasting the traditional foods served at the meal.

The Seder, which was organized by Israel’s Mission to the UN in cooperation with the European Coalition for Israel, was attended by ambassadors from four continents, including the representatives of the United Kingdom, Turkey, Argentina and Rwanda.

"While we are preparing to celebrate the Festival of Freedom and the struggle of the ancient Jews against bondage and slavery, the Iranian regime continues to threaten Israel and to spread terror throughout the Middle East,” Ambassador Danon said to the ambassadors. “These are fateful days. Now is the time for the countries of the world to join us in standing up to Iran and put an end to their attempts to destabilize the entire region,” the Ambassador continued.

Tomas Sandell, the Founding Director of the European Coalition for Israel, added that "The Passover Seder helps explain, among many other things, the long and unbroken connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. In a day and age when UN organizations, such as UNESCO, have tried to put into question the Jewish claim to Jerusalem, it is important to know that the history of the Jewish people in the Promised land dates back, not seventy years, but closer to 3,500 years.”