Eliezer receives warm hug from Knesset Director
Eliezer receives warm hug from Knesset DirectorAlei Siach

Eliezer Haitovitch, 35, has worked in the Postal Department of the Knesset Communications Department for the past 10 years. But Eliezer is not a regular worker; Eliezer has Down's syndrome and has come a long way to reach his position.

In a ceremony that took place in the presence of the Knesset's Director-General, Eliezer today received the Outstanding Employee of Year 2017 along with other distinguished employees from various departments in the Knesset.

On stage Eliezer received effusive accolades for being "a dedicated worker who gives his all, is very responsible, and always speaks to everyone in a friendly manner. It's fun to work with him. He's considered adept, well-known, and a very devoted employee in the Knesset."

Eliezer's mother, Linda Haitovitch, said today, "When Eliezer was born the doctors told me that mentally he wouldn't advance beyond 5 years old. Today's event is a great victory and an example for all parents of children with special needs: Don't despair, look how far your child can go - the farthest."

Eliezer has been a resident of the Alei Siach organization for many years. In this framework he has advanced and learned many personal independence skills. Rabbi Chaim Perkel, founder and Chairman of Alei Siach, spoke of the idea Eliezer's winning the prize conveys: "Today the Knesset passed on an important public message of accepting those who are different. I'm so happy about the recognition Eliezer got from this important institution. For many years he worked in the Knesset with great dedication and is loved by all those frequenting this assembly. There is no one more worthy of this prize."