The meeting with Minister Steinitz
The meeting with Minister SteinitzYesha Council

Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz held a working meeting Tuesday with the heads of the Yesha Council on the subject of master plans to provide water, electricity, and gas to the communities of Judea and Samaria.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Defense Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Yesha Council Chairman Hananel Dorani, Civil Administration Head Brig.-Gen. Achvat Ben Hur, the head of the Water Authority, the head of the Electricity Authority, the head of the Gas Authority, and representatives of the Energy Ministry.

The infrastructure plans for the region were presented at the meeting, including plans for the construction of four new substations that will double the electricity supply in the area.

The participants discussed ways to deal with obstructions in the transportation of natural gas to the industrial zones, and to the construction of water facilities that will meet the needs of the growing population in the area.

"The issue of water was the most dramatic issue, in which many gaps and delays were discovered... and a heated debate broke out [as a result]," the Yesha Council noted.

Minister Steinitz said, "This is a serious issue that we must deal with - settlements that will remain without water this summer, which will lead to the establishment of a commission of inquiry, if these obstacles [to providing them with water] are not removed."

The minister asked all those involved to help overcome the obstacles in order to allow regular water supply to all residents of Judea and Samaria.