Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall
Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall ערוץ 7

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites the public to take part in the mass blessing of the Kohanim (Jewish priests) that will take place on Monday at the Western Wall plaza, and join one of the special tours at the Western Wall sites.

During Passover, there will be experiential tours of all the sites dealing with the Western Wall: The Western Wall tunnels, a visit to the Temple with virtual reality binoculars, “The Journey to Jerusalem” - tours from your country of origin to Jerusalem, the Chain of Generations Center, and more.

The tours provide an extraordinary experience in a place that combines a fascinating encounter between old and new, ancient and modern.

On Monday, April 2, 2018, the traditional Priestly Blessing will be held at the Western Wall plaza. Hundreds of priests are expected to take part, covered in prayer shawls as they bless the Jewish people in the holiest place for the Jewish people, and thousands are expected to attend.

The commandment to bless the Jewish people and the words of the blessing are found in the Bible (Numbers 6: 22-27). Two tiny silver amulets containing scrolls on which parts of the blessing were written were found in a 7th century B.C.E. burial site in Jerusalem in 1979.

The Priestly Blessing will take place with the participation of the Chief Rabbis of Israel and the Rabbi of the Western Wall and Holy Places, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz.


Morning prayer (shacharit): 8:45 am

Priestly blessing of shacharit: 9:30 am

Additional (mussaf) prayer: 10 am

Priestly blessing of mussaf: 10:15 am

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation recommends that the general public leave vehicles in parking lots and take the light rail from Ammunition Hill or Mount Herzl, continue to the city municipality station, and then walk about ten minutes on foot to the Western Wall.