Liberman and Pelosi
Liberman and Pelosi Ariel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman met Tuesday with a delegation of US congressmen headed by Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives.

Liberman thanked the members of Congress for their unwavering support for Israel and for the aid budget approved by Congress for Israel’s anti-missile defense program amounting to $705 million in 2018, the largest sum ever approved for the program.

In a meeting that dealt mainly with developments in the region and the Iranian threat, the defense minister said that "Iran is the number one country that undermines stability in the Middle East.

"Iran is endangering the Gulf states and launching missiles at them, as happened the day before yesterday, undermines the stability of Yemen in its military support for the Houthis, is trying to topple the regime in Bahrain, stands behind the dictator mass murderer from Damascus, supports the Hezbollah terror organization and arms it, and tries to undermine the elections in Iraq," Liberman said.