Shaked at Jerusalem press conference
Shaked at Jerusalem press conference Flash 90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said Monday evening that the majority of illegal infiltrators in Israel will eventually be deported or leave the country.

"The Supreme Court did not freeze the procedure. The State said it would not start the process until the beginning of April, and the State has asked for another two weeks," explained Shaked.

Shaked explained that "the Prime Minister himself and the Interior Minister are managing the issue hands on and are responsible for the plan."

She declared, "I can say with assurance that this government will remove the infiltrators who are migrant workers to places outside the borders of Israel. The State of Israel can not be a solution to the employment problems in Africa."

"Those who have been expelled and persecuted will receive legal status here, and here are the facts: About 1,000 Darfuris have already received legal status in Israel, but the vast majority are migrant workers and they will not be [allowed to remain] here," the Justice Minister concluded.