Border crossing into Gaza
Border crossing into GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

IDF planes dropped leaflets over the Gaza Strip warning Gazans not to approach the fence on the border with Israel.

A social media campaign dubbed 'The Great Return March' has attempted to bring thousands of Gazans together to March on the Israeli border this Friday, March 30, which the Palestinian Arabs mark as 'Land Day.'

The leaflets dropped by the IDF call on Gazan families not to come within 300 meters (985 feet) of the fence during the demonstration, warning that "whoever comes near will put himself at risk."

The leaflets also included a map of Gaza in which the line residents should not cross is marked in grey.

One Arab journalist mocked the IDF's efforts to prevent confrontations this Friday on Twitter, calling the leaflets "a waste of ink and paper."

On Saturday the IDF foiled an attempt to infiltrate Israel from Gaza. The infiltrators attempted to set fire to an IDF vehicle used to combat the threat of terror tunnels.

The Israeli Air Force struck a Hamas target in southern Gaza in response to the infiltration and attempted sabotage.

Further demonstrations and clashes in other parts of the country are expected in the days leading up to Land Day.