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Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Haim Katz signed a general permit allowing work on the Sabbath (Shabbat) in the soccer industry, following a ministerial committee decision on the issue recently.

The permit will apply to all workers on the field, including professional soccer players, as well as employees who perform work that contributes to proper management of soccer games, and employees who transport workers to the field.

The move to issue the permit began following a petition filed by “Division 2” professional soccer players, an increasing number of whom observe the Sabbath, and who, protesting the need to work on the day of rest, claimed that the activity of the entire industry on Saturday is illegal.

Following the petition, the State announced that it intended to officially approve the activity of the soccer industry on the Sabbath, and the decision culminates now with the issuance of the general permit.

Minister Katz said following the signing, "The permit preserves the status quo that has been in place since the establishment of the State of Israel. We will continue to strengthen the sports sector in Israel.”