Accident scene
Accident scene MDA

A 65-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man were killed in a car accident Thursday afternoon between a private car and an electric scooter near Mahanayim in northern Israel.

MDA paramedics tried to save the woman's life but her death was determined shortly thereafter.

The man who was critically injured was treated by MDA and evacuated to Ziv Hospital in Safed.

From the details known so far, it appears that the man and the woman traveled together on a scooter, and for an unclear reason they collided with the private vehicle. The driver was lightly injured and treated at the scene of the accident.

Yehezkel Gabbai, a volunteer ambucycle driver with United Hatzalah said: "When I arrived at the scene of the serious accident, I saw that it involved a private car that hit the safety barrier and a small scooter in which two people, an older man and woman, were traveling. The older man was seriously injured, while the woman was classified as critical and together with other volunteers from United Hatzalah, I began performing CPR on the woman. The man was evacuated to the Mahanayim airfield where he will be taken by helicopter to the hospital."

A police spokesperson reported Thursday evening that the 80-year-old man who had been injured in the accident had succumbed to his injuries.