Adiel Kolman at work
Adiel Kolman at work Adina Graham

The City of David on Monday mourned the loss of Adiel Kolman, who was murdered in a terror attack on Sunday.

Kolman, a father of four, was laid to rest on Monday morning.

The site said the staff "is mourning and deeply pained by the murder of Adiel Kolman z"l, who worked in the archaeological excavations in the City of David for the last few years. Adiel was a dedicated and loyal worker, a beloved staff member and a model family man."

Aviah Roz, Adiel’s staff manager, said Monday morning that, "One morning I visited Adiel at his excavation and he asked to speak to me as he was unhappy. I was certain he would say that the work is too strenuous, but I was surprised to learn that it was just the opposite."

"He explained that he felt he could work harder and accomplish more, and on those days when he doesn’t accomplish a lot, he goes home unhappy. He asked that we challenge him and give him more difficult tasks.

"Even when he was doing grunt work and the work was tough, he was always smiling and full of joy. His demeanor was contagious."

Roz added that, "Even though he studied to be a teacher, he decided to continue working in the City of David due his deep connection to the place. He felt he was involved in Zionistic activities, and was deeply connected to the archaeological excavations in the City of David and Jerusalem."