Cindy Grosz, a pro-Israel and education activist, received the “Aishes Chayil” Award at the National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) gala dinner in New York.

Grosz has worked with many organizations fighting for causes that include opposing the Iran nuclear deal, opposing BDS and the resolutions attacking Israel at the UN. She addresses the concerns of the Jewish and Black communities with Kevin Jackson of Fox News and former New York Jet and Republican candidate Michael Faulkner.

As an education activist, she has helped write legislation for more oversight of classroom lessons on fact versus opinion. Grosz is a leader of exposing corruption in the public school system.

She has helped write legislation for more oversight of classroom lessons on fact versus opinion and expose corruption in the public school system, including the misuse of funds and violations to state and federal laws. She writes regularly for the Times of Israel, The Jewish Voice, The Five Towns Jewish Times, Queens Jewish Link, and her weekly column in The Forward, “You Don’t Have to Be Jewish With Cindy.”

Grosz said she is thankful for this honor from the National Council of Young Israel that runs the Achva tour group for Modern Orthodox teens, as her son met his wife on Achva several years ago.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva and asked what motivates her, Grosz said, “You’d be surprised. Right here, not too far within driving distance, there are schools where principals are firing teachers and it is documented that they’re being called ‘bad Jews’, they are being called ‘Jews that are influencing little minority students’. There are Jewish Orthodox teachers that are being harassed if they want to take off Jewish holidays. There are lessons that are being taught about the Holocaust that it did not exist, and there are textbooks that are eliminating the State of Israel and calling it ‘Palestine.’”

She rejected claims that it was the Trump administration that brought a rise in anti-Semitism.

“I’ve known Ambassador David Friedman for over 50 years, and I know the relationship [he has with Trump] and I totally trust David on that topic,” said Grosz. “Additionally, anybody who has a son-in-law who is Jewish and who talks about his Jewish grandchildren cannot be anti-Semitic.”

Suggesting that Trump is anti-Semitic is not just an attack on him but is also “an attack on everybody on the right, from Ted Cruz to Rand Paul to anybody. Anybody and everybody, for the most part, that we offer on a Republican Conservative ticket has a proven voting record and track record of relationships with Christian and Jewish Zionists,” stressed Grosz.

Anti-Semitism “is absolutely getting worse”, she warned, “because the mainstream media will not document and tell the truth and because the money from people like George Soros, who fund the teachers’ unions, have a better ability to get a message out.”

Grosz further opined that there is a problem within the American Jewish community because “our Jewish community does not help each other. Any other minority group never talks badly about each other to the extent that Jews do.”