MK Moti Yogev
MK Moti YogevFlash 90

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) slammed the helplessness demonstrated by Israel in everything connected to demolishing terrorists' homes and called for demolishing the house of the perpetrator of Friday's terrorist attack.

In an interview with Radio 101.5FM, Yogev urged, "Don't rely on the excuse that the Supreme Court doesn't allow it. Put the Supreme Court aside for 72 hours, do not take into account its emasculating opinion.

"The Supreme Court plays a significant role in the declining deterrence of IDF soldiers and the State of Israel, and also in the next murder - that we hope will not happen - because it doesn't allow the demolition of a [terrorist's] house.

"Seventy-two hours is enough to find out whether there is any connection between the family, parents, siblings, etc. and terror. The Supreme Court is a kind of la-la-land inside of Israel. The judges sitting up there and the chief justice sitting up there must learn their place," Yogev said.

MK Yogev added, "The Supreme Court must change its way significantly, correct itself and ceases interfering in security and political decisions. It is not its purview. it's not within its authority, and the Israeli government must take the helm."

This is not the first time Yogev has severely criticized the Supreme Court. In 2015, Yogev refused to retract a statement according to which "A D9 bulldozer shovel should be used against the Supreme Court.”

The statement was made in reaction to the Supreme Court order to demolish homes in Beit El, which was carried out shortly after it was issued.