Shattered car window
Shattered car windowiStock

Judea and Samaria residents are well-acquainted with rock terror that threatens them on every journey - whether they are driving to work, to school, to pick up their kids, or are heading back home.

Now, an Israeli company is offering an innovative new solution to protect motorists from rocks thrown by Arab terrorists.

Jacob Steiman, CEO of Meteor Lamination says his company's new invention will save lives and provide security for drivers and passengers across Judea and Samaria.

The new innovation is a 350-micron thick transparent sticker affixed to the vehicle's windows that protects against the entry of glass splinters and rocks into the car.

Steiman demonstrated the effectiveness of the anti-rock security sticker for Arutz Sheva (beginning at 1:02 in the video presented below), and the results are amazing - even after the window was pummeled with rocks from a short distance, no glass fragments or rocks penetrated the car.

Currently, Judea and Samaria residents are entitled to install reinforced windows in their vehicles with government subsidy, but Steiman's solution offers security not only against rock throwing but also against car burglaries, and it filters out UV radiation from the sun's rays.

He explains that while the polycarbonate protected windows currently in use provide good protection against rocks, they very shortly lose their transparency and at best are less aesthetic; at worst, a driving hazard.

The Meteor Lamination factory is located in the Holon industrial zone and the company CEO promises a special price for Judea and Samaria customers, stressing that not everyone can carry out this installation and it should be carried out professionally by trained people.

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