Miriam Ben-Gal
Miriam Ben-Gal Spokesperson

Miriam Ben-Gal, the widow of Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, the beloved educator and father of four stabbed in the back as he stood waiting for a ride at the entrance to the city of Ariel, responded this morning, Sunday, to news of the capture of her husband's murderer, thanking security forces operating in Shechem.

However, Ben-Gal added, "The truth is that I do not feel anything. It will not bring him home to me, and will not prevent another terrorist from getting up and destroying another family."

“Our only comfort, the only thing that will prevent another murder like this is building, establishing a city in response to the murder, turning Har Bracha into a city."

"I do not understand why the prime minister is delaying the move," Ben-Gal said. "I ask him to announce this morning the approval of the construction of the 800 housing units in Har Bracha, and thus to turn it into a city. This is our consolation and that of the Jewish people. This is the only meaningful response to Itamar’s murder.”

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