Consul General of Guatemala Nivia Rosemary Arauz Monzon spoke on Thursday night at the National Council of Young Israel's annual gala dinner.

Speaking about her country's decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Monzon said, "As our president, Jimmy Morales said, [it] is the right thing to do."

"That is because Guatemala has been an ally of Israel for many years, more than seventy years. And our friendship continues until this day. Guatemala was one of the first countries to vote for the creation of the State of Israel."

She also noted that Guatemala feels grateful to Israel for its ongoing support.

"Israel has supported Guatemala...especially in the educational field," she said. "Our country feels a deep gratitude for such a significant level of support."

"It is important to mention that our countries should excel in bilateral relations that have become stronger over the years, and we will continue working together for our people and for a better world.

"Guatemala feels proud and honored to stand with Israel as a special friend and an ally."

Earlier this month, Morales confirmed that his country will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem on May 16, two days after the United States moves its embassy to the Israeli capital.