Leah Ungar
Leah UngarBy PR

Leah Ungar is the mother of ten children, and her philosophy is to encourage each one to be an individual.

14-year-old Tovah definitely fit the bill-funny, charismatic, outgoing, dramatic, but also thoughtful and sensitive.

Tovah's sudden death gripped the family with shock and mourning, leaving both parents and nine siblings with a painful, aching vacuum in their lives.

Leah chose an unusual way to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Tovah's death: She organized an evening of dance for the women of the community, with Tovah's friends teaching dances to the younger members of the town.

The two themes for the evening were: "Togetherness," and "You have Changed my Mourning into Dancing." (Psalms 30)

The process of creating the dances was healing and unifying, for Leah, for her daughters, and for the women and girls of their town.