Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner, U.S. special envoy Jason Greenblatt and officials from the National Security Council will present proposals for improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza at a White House "brainstorming session" on Tuesday, a senior White House official said, according to Axios.

The White House meeting, which was initiated by Kushner and Greenblatt, will be attended by many representatives from the international community including Israel and several Arab countries.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has announced it would boycott the conference, as PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has refused to consider the Trump administration an honest broker for negotiations since Trump’s December declaration recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The meeting is part of a new attempt by the international community to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to try to improve living conditions for Palestinian Arabs there.

Greenblatt, who will open the meeting at the White House on Tuesday, said in a statement on Monday the Trump Administration believes that deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Gaza require immediate attention.

"Solving the situation in Gaza is vital for humanitarian reasons, important for the security of Egypt and Israel and is a necessary step toward reaching a comprehensive peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians, including Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank. The challenge will be determining which ideas can be realistically implemented in light of the fact that the Palestinians of Gaza continue to suffer under the authoritarian rule of Hamas," he added.

Greenblatt has several times in recent weeks condemned Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers for spending their aid money on terror tunnels and rocket attacks instead of on Gazans.

In a recent series of tweets, he wrote, “Hamas literally undermines Gaza’s chance for success— now building a terror tunnel under a crossing to Israel that should be a conduit toward a better economy.”

“A terror tunnel costs roughly $5.9 million to build ($ that belongs to the people of Gaza) plus roughly $30,000 a day in lost revenue when the crossing is closed as a result. Gaza needs options besides Hamas and its enablers. Time to stop pouring money into violence and hatred, and to start investing in a real future for Palestinians in Gaza,” added Greenblatt.

Several weeks earlier, after touring the Israel-Gaza border area, Greenblatt tweeted his condemnation of Hamas, saying the terror group “wastes resources” on terror rather than investing in the Gaza Strip’s civilian needs.

“Hamas wastes resources on tunnels & rockets to attack Israel, instead of helping the people of Gaza by getting the lights on, the water flowing & the economy growing. Hamas spews hateful rhetoric & foments a vicious cycle of violence. Gaza deserves better!”