Golani soldiers (illustrative).
Golani soldiers (illustrative). IDF Spokesperson

The recruitment cycle of March 2018 to the 1st Golani Brigade began this morning, Sunday, at the Meitav unit induction base.

Recruits arrive today at the Golani Brigade training base in Regavim, and in the next few days will undergo intake and medical treatment.

In the first two weeks the recruits undergo "pre-basic training", after which they will be placed in Golani Brigade battalions: The Barak Battalion, the Gideon Battalion, the First Pioneers Regiment, and the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion.

Golani training
Golani training Flash 90

The soldiers undergo seven months of basic and advanced training. Training mainly involves marksmanship, discipline, physical fitness, field training, mechanized training, and education in IDF values and the brigade's heritage.

March 2018 cycle Commander Maj. Gen. Nadav Meisels said, "We are pleased and excited to welcome the new recruits to the Golani Brigade, the salt of the earth of Israeli society. By enlisting for combat duty, they express the education for dedication and values they received at home.

Addressing the recruits, he said: "The Golani Brigade is currently marking its 70th anniversary, and it is a great privilege to enlist this year. A long road lies before you and with your recruitment I would like to wish you, trainees and commanders of March '18 great success in the way that lies ahead. You are the future generation of the Golani Brigade and I am sure of your success."

Golani exercise
Golani exercise Flash 90