Maccabi Pharm, closed
Maccabi Pharm, closed Mordechai Cohen

The "Maccabi Pharm" pharmacy chain held a one-day warning strike Thursday morning, protesting a lack of progress in negotiations between Maccabi Pharm workers and the company management.

The workers are insisting Maccabi's management improve their work conditions.

According to statistics gathered Thursday morning by the National Workers' Union (Histadrut Haleumit), 101 pharmacies closed across Israel, with 760 workeres striking.

The strike comes after a work dispute opened two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the workers' committee is working to advance the signing of a group agreement with Maccabi's workers.

Chagit Horen, a member of the Maccabi Workers Committee, said in a statement, "It's sad to see how Maccabi's management treats us workers so poorly. We are crumbling under the load, and the management refuses to improve our working conditions. The health fund's clients are the first ones who will suffer from this, because they won't have any way to fill prescriptions."

"We call on Maccabi's management to return to the negotiating table, in order to ensure the best conditions for the workers. All of Maccabi's clients will benefit.

Maccabi insures 2.5 million Israelis.

At the same time, workers from the Meuhedet health fund did not answer phone calls from the fund's clients until 11:00a.m. Thursday morning.

The strike comes as a result of an ongoing dispute between Meuhedet's Workers Committee and the health fund's management.

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