Prime Minister Netanyahu referred today, Wednesday, to the investigations against him currently underway in Israel, at The Economic Club of Washington DC during his trip to the US for the AIPAC policy conference.

When asked what his favorite part of being prime minister was, Netanyahu joked, “the investigations!”

He denied that the investigations distracted him from daily functioning as prime minister. "I can't say that I like it, but it doesn't detract from my responsibilities, because I work my usual 16-hour days, and I just do it."

"My hands are full, and I'm very satisfied with what i do."

Regarding the coalition crisis in Israel, Netanyahu said, "I want to complete the term of this government. If the coalition parties agree, that's what we'll do, and if not, we'll go to [early] elections."

Netanyahu also compared his relationship with Trump to that which he had with Obama.

"I have fewer disagreements with Trump than I had with Obama,” Netanyahu said. “Actually, I still haven't found any issues with Trump."