Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening left for Washington, where he will address the AIPAC policy conference and meet with President Donald Trump.

"Tonight I am leaving on an important visit to the U.S. where I will meet with President Donald Trump and address the annual AIPAC Policy Conference,” he said before taking off.

“In the conversation with the President I will thank him on behalf of the Israeli people for moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, in honor of the State of Israel's 70th Independence Day,” continued Netanyahu.

“First and foremost, I with discuss Iran with the President ahead of the decision on the nuclear program. We will discuss Iranian aggression in our region in general and regarding the Iranian nuclear program in particular. I will also discuss with the President about advancing the peace process.”

“Advancing these issues is important for Israel and for the security of the entire world," the prime minister said.

Regarding the possibility of early elections in the wake of the disagreements over the draft law, Netanyahu said, "There is no reason for this to happen, and with some good will it will not happen. I have a good will, I hope the other partners do as well. If that is the case we will not go to elections and this government can conclude its term on time, in 2019.”

A special moment took place before the prime minister’s flight took off, when Netanyahu presented his wife, Sarah, with a bouquet of flowers in honor of their 27th wedding anniversary.