Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) introduced a new electronic warfare system designed for aircraft self-defense, the ELL-8270.

The unique system developed by the Elta division of IAI is towed by the aircraft to provide radar-guided missile defense while maintaining an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

The electronic bait is deployed at a safe distance from the aircraft during flight in areas threatened by enemy missiles, transmitting signals that lure the threat towards it while diverting it away from the aircraft.

The uniqueness of the system is that it is completely autonomous and does not require power or signals from the plane. The bait is dragged by a simple tether and its cost is relatively low compared to other solutions of its kind, but at the same time it is highly efficient and effective.

The system is capable of dealing with multiple threats simultaneously, can be adapted to all types of aircraft, it is extremely lightweight and it can be reeled back to the plane or cut loose and discarded if necessary.

The new system is an effective self-defense solution that provides protection against all types of radar-guided missiles including the most modern threats, and can serve as the last layer of defense even if all primary layers of defense fail and a missile is ultimately launched at the aircraft.