Shalom Dovber Yonah with MDA paramedic Yisrael Katz
Shalom Dovber Yonah with MDA paramedic Yisrael KatzMagen David Adom spokesperson

A 12-year-old boy in Arad chose his Purim costume in honor of the Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedic who saved his life two years ago.

When Shalom Dovber Yonah, 12, went into cardiac arrest two years ago, the fast and professional treatment provided by MDA paramedics Elyashiv Amitai and Yisrael Katz saved his life.

This year, MDA Arad were pleasantly surprised when Yonah appeared dressed as an MDA paramedic.

Karen, Yonah's mother, said, "From the beginning of the month...he's been waiting to dress up as an MDA paramedic. He was so excited today, we brought him to the ambulance he was taken to the hospital in, we talked about what had happened and our experiences, but thank G-d, it's all behind us and Shalom came to visit the staff who saved his life and to thank them, and feel a little bit of how it is to save a life."

"I thank our dear Elyashiv and Yisrael for their dedicated work and for saving our dear son Shalom's life. They were G-d's emissaries, and they do holy work unmatched by anyone else."

MDA CEO Eli Bin said, "The MDA paramedics who administer life-saving first aid don't always know how the story turned out, and if the person they treated recovered completely. In this case, the paramedics were surprised by a sweet boy who sees them as role models."

"This is the story of MDA's activities: Extraordinary efficiency and professionalism, together with a deep and lasting connection between patient and paramedic. I wish Shalom and his family health, and a happy Purim to all of Israel."