Iranian missile on display (stock image)
Iranian missile on display (stock image)Reuters

Satellite images have revealed what experts say is a new Iranian missile base in Syria, the sign of Tehran’s efforts to enhance its military presence on Israel’s northern border.

In 2017, Iran’s Quds Force, a wing of the Revolutionary Guard, constructed a similar facility south of Damascus. In December, Israel Air Force fighters bombed the Iranian base in a surgical strike.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported that satellite images taken by ImageSat International’s Earth Remove Observation Satellite showed evidence of a new Iranian military facility at Jabal ash Sharqi, eight miles northwest of the Syrian capital.

Two hangars are visible in the images, and are likely used to store short and medium range missiles.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that Israel will not tolerate an Iranian foothold on its northern border.

Earlier this month, an Iranian unmanned aircraft operating out of Syria violated Israeli airspace before being shot down by Israeli forces.

Israel Air Force fighter jets responded with a series of airstrikes on Syrian and Iranian military targets around Damascus, including a site used to operate the downed Iranian drone. Syrian human rights observers claimed at least six Syrians and foreign nationals – likely Iranians – were killed in the Israeli strikes.