African infiltrators
African infiltratorsSavi Barnes, Flash 90

Petah Tikva Councilman Rami Greenberg, who is running for mayor, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the illegal African infiltrators' effects on his city.

Usually, when the issue of illegal infiltrators comes up, the victims discussed are residents of southern Tel Aviv.

However, according to Greenberg, "Central Petah Tikva is collapsing due to a vacuum. The area is neglected, there's no urban renewal, and there's no residential building for young couples and older people. The Israeli general public has left the area, and infiltrators swept in to fill the vacuum."

He noted that Petah Tikva residents are afraid to walk in the city's center after dark.

"People are afraid to walk around after dark," he said. "It's very uncomfortable to bump into loners who harass and bother women and girls. There were a lot of incidents of violent attacks and even murder. There are pubs that draw infiltrators from all over Israel - the come and get drunk, and then they start bothering people. Several churches have opened, and the character of this part of the city, called "the mother of farming communities" due to its place in Zionist history, becoming lost."

"We insist the municipality and government offices save the heart of Petah Tikva," Greenberg said, noting that "people who do not act in accordance with basic norms present other dangers as well. Some of their pirate connections to electricity and gas pipes cause fires, he said.

"We need to invest in developing the center, and bring Israelis there. There are the African infiltrators, and there are also illegal Palestinian Arabs involved in destructive and hostile activities."

Greenberg noted that Petah Tikva's residents express their opposition to the situation, but the current situation has not allowed the media to focus on them.

"In every survey, Petah Tikva has the second-largest number of infiltrators. There was a horrific incident of an illegal infiltrator who sexually attacked a 12-year-old girl in her home one Saturday morning. The news doesn't follow it, but Petah Tikva residents feel it and experience it," he said. "The infiltrators don't to go Givatayim or Holon or Givat Shmuel, they go to a place where there's a vacuum, and here there's a very problematic vacuum which draws more and more problematic elements towards us."

In one of the city's poor neighborhoods, there is no youth center, no senior center, and no community center. The only free space available has been allotted by the city leaders for the infiltrators' children. This situation, Greenberg said, pushes away residents and causes the city to collapse.