Menachem Mazuz
Menachem Mazuz Flash 90

Supreme Court Justice Menachem Mazuz shaprly cricized senior figures in the Israeli political system Sunday, without naming names, this on the day that the courts and investigators, rather than the politicians, were found to have colluded on remanding defendants to prison.

Speaking at a conference at Hebrew University Sunday, Mazuz charged: "The media discourse reflects a difficult sense of leadership crisis, and everyone is mourning the lack of leadership, but it seems that the main contributor, to the public discourse at least, is the phenomenon of a lack of a personal example in the behavior of some figures in the public leadership."

He added that "this phenomenon is of concern to anyone who sees his fate tied to the fate of the state. Everyone should do his best in a period of eclipse to be involved in what is happening in society.."

The Supreme Court justice said Israel should act to upgrade its politicians. "We must aspire that the excellence the world has heard Israeli society in many areas will also be reflected in the political system."

"There is no reason why Israel should be at the bottom of that list," Mazuz concluded. k