Itamar and Miriam Ben-Gal
Itamar and Miriam Ben-Gal Courtesy of family

Miriam Ben-Gal, the widow of Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, who was murdered in a stabbing attack earlier this month at the Ariel junction, demands that the prime minister approve the construction of 800 housing units in Har Bracha, the town where they live.

"I find it difficult to understand what is delaying the prime minister from announcing the approval of the construction of 800 housing units in Har Bracha and turning it into a city, a message that does not require even a vote but only a personal decision. We must not wait,” she emphasized.

"It is important for me first of all to support the prime minister. He is going through a tough time - but I know that with all that, he continues to manage the affairs of the county, and this is a matter which must not be delayed. Not only the residents of Israel, but the terrorists and their dispatchers are waiting for the government’s response to this act of terror which robbed us of a father and a husband and a friend and a son, "says the widow.

"We demand that the prime minister do the right thing and announce in his voice this morning the decision to approve the construction in Har Bracha as an answer to the attack and thus bring about its transformation into a city, and not only through intermediaries."

"This is the opportunity, within 30 days of the murder, to approve the construction so that it will be clear to the accursed murderer and his dispatchers that this is the result of the murder and that this is the answer to terror.”

Ben-Gal sent a clear message to the prime minister: "We must not wait to announce this only in two months, when the connection between things will be unclear. I demand from the Prime Minister this small thing - to advance the announcement to today. This will be our consolation. That would be the Zionist answer to this murder. "